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German UNHCR review for Hallo!

“Humanity can hardly be put into words. It appears when we act, stand up for others. Hallo! shows what small gestures can mean for people on the run: the feeling of belonging and the hope for a better future.”

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Hallo! reviewed by bookblogger Steffi V.

“I find it very interesting, especially for the kids, to show that it is not a matter of course that the refrigerator is full, that you have so many toys or clothes and you just have a roof over your head. There are so many people and children who don’t have all of this …”

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Review at IBBY UK

“an unusual picture book. It does not appear to have a story, but as the numbers move up the story is there to be supplied by the reader. This is a book to share to open discussion whether in a classroom or home.”

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