Early review of Je compte sur mes doigts verts! in French science blog

“In order to interest children in protecting nature, imagine making it a counting game to keep our planet green and healthy! The children illustrated by Barroux are adorable and happy to do their part in this beautifully illustrated environment of soft colors. ‘1 new tree to clean our air, 2 breezy wheels to ride without polluting…4 recycling bins: let’s collect used things to turn them into new things…9 wild flowers: Let’s grow a garden to welcome bees, butterflies and bugs’ and so many other little creatures. The end of the book offers parents the addresses of organizations helping to save the living world. By giving children concrete examples that are easy to implement, this picture book combining maths and ecology is a clever initiation for them to become climate activists.”

Je compte sur mes doigts verts ! Un livre pour apprendre à compter et à protéger la nature