Early review of Counting in Green

“What a gorgeous book!  What can we do when Mother Earth is crying out for our help?  From one to ten, this book comes up with simple ideas to count green and to try and help keep our wonderful world safe, clean and filled with nature…[T]his is a bright, gorgeously illustrated book which gently encourages children to take care of the planet around them.  It’s also an empowering book, showing children that even small actions can have a huge impact and make a difference to help save our perfect planet.    Not only is it a great simple counting book, but it helps to [develop] empathy and eco-awareness in the young.  We were fascinated by the pages at the back of the book which provide some facts about global warming and animal populations being in decline but that also counter-balance these with hope for the future, stating that little changes can make a difference and asking young minds to think about how to ‘go green’…The illustrations are exquisite – beautiful, bright spreads of colour showcasing the beauty and wonder of the natural world.  Although simple in its concept, it is a powerful picture book which will help to educate our young children in conservation, providing practical and realistic ideas for looking after our planet and the wonders it contains.”

Children’s Books Recommendation for Spring