Ivy Circle Message on Racism and George Floyd

As Chairperson of the Ivy Circle, Hollis shared the following message with Ivy Circle members regarding systemic racism and the brutal death of George Floyd:

Given our shared American connection and background in U.S. education, the Ivy Circle and its members are painfully aware that the US is grappling with systemic, pervasive racism in all aspects of society. Sadly, this racism is not new to the Black community. What is new โ€“ and offers some ray of hope โ€“ is how increasingly united, diverse, and urgent the call for change. We strongly support this overdue call for change โ€“ and for justice.

We were horrified, heartbroken and outraged by the recent killing of George Floyd โ€“ and of so many other innocent African Americans โ€“ at the hands of the police. We stand by those who say, Enough.

We recognize the platform we hold in the education community and the opportunity and responsibility that come with that position to take a stand for equality. We aim to listen, to learn, and to figure out how we can all do better. What actions can we take, as individual alumni from top US schools and as a network, to make a difference? We would welcome your ideas about actions, (virtual) events, discussion platforms, or other ways the Ivy Circle and its members can engage. The Ivy Circle is not a political organization. Racism, justice, and equality, however, are not about politics.

The US is not alone, of course, in struggling with prejudice and inequality. The continuing unrest in the streets of America serves as a wake-up call for everyone, as we have seen by the outpouring of support and protests around the world โ€“ including here in The Netherlands.

Meanwhile, please consider showing your solidarity by supporting U.S. and/or Dutch organizations actively working to achieve racial equality and justice, such as #BlackLivesMatterย  or the NAACP (#WeAreDoneDying). Or simply speak up and help spread the word. And vote. Enough is enough.

Best regards,

Hollis Kurman
Chairperson, Ivy Circle Netherlands