Hollis (virtually) visits International School of Amsterdam

On Wednesday 14 and Thursday 15 October, Hollis visited the International School of Amsterdam during Children’s Book Week. Regrettably the visit was an online one, but nevertheless it was a pleasure to share the book and its message with the students. Fourteen back-to-back classes in two days of remote sessions!

The ISA children were engaged and thoughtful โ€“ even the very youngest among them. Perhaps most stunning were a few of the thoughts coming from the Pre-K group. When asked how many ways they could think of to be kind, in addition to lovely suggestions such as giving someone a hug or a kiss or playing together/’not leaving someone out’, they recommended speaking in a kind voice โ€“ and listening. How wonderful is that? And many parents would be delighted to hear that their children would bring along their toothbrushes, along with their favourite toys and “knuffels”, if they suddenly had to leave a scary place with their most prized possessions on their backs.

Hopefully the children enjoyed the reading and activities, and the book will spark many interesting discussions at home and in the classroom.