17 April 2024: moderating Cartier Women’s Initiative Forces for Good event

Hollis moderated the Cartier Women’s Initiative Forces for Good event in Amsterdam on 17 April 2024.

A few pictures:

Cartier wrote after the event:

‘…[W]e were so glad to have you taking part of this great event…we have only heard very positive feedback on the event itself. Guests were…thrilled about your expertise. You well succeeded in finding the perfect balance between delivering concrete figures/facts to nourish the event and introducing the speakers. We (Cartier HQ, Cartier Netherlands and CWI) are all super thrilled of the outcome. 😊’


Cartier champions, connects and celebrates women impact entrepreneurs through its Cartier Women’s Initiative (CWI) program. This special event not only shared inspiring stories of CWI entrepreneurs, but also announced the new cohort of 33 impact entrepreneurs selected for the 2024 program. The event was held at the iconic cultural venue Felix Meritis in Amsterdam.