Salut les p'tits amis!

🇫🇷 Edition FR

Edition française par Rue du monde,
le 20 mai 2020.

1 bateau… qui vient à notre secours
3 repas… qui remplissent nos petits ventres
9 signes… de bienvenue dans notre nouvelle école…

En faisant le long voyage avec une famille qui cherche à vivre loin du malheur, on découvre des mains accueillantes, des gestes plein d’espoir…
Et, en souriant, on apprend à compter jusqu’à 10!

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"A beautiful and unusual counting book redolent with empathy and inclusivity. (...) ...this is an outstanding example of how a deceptively simple picturebook can develop empathy and understanding. Highly recommended."
"The warmth of the beautiful illustrations enhance the simple text enabling young readers to follow the journey of this refugee family and encouraging them to join in with counting...a gentle introduction to the plight of refugee children for the very young. It could provide the perfect starting point for conversations about this important topic in educational settings and at home."
Barroux dessine un oiseau
Dernières critiques Françaises
"It was a daring move: teaching children to count to 10 by telling the story of a mother and her three African children, forced to leave their country to reach what they hope to find in Europe."