“A gorgeous book that celebrates how simple acts of kindness can uphold the right to safety.”
🇳🇱 NL Uitgave

Nederlandse uitgave door Rubinstein,
15 juni 2020.

1 boot… om ons op weg te helpen
5 wensen… om ons hoop te geven
10 vriendjes… om samen mee te spelen

Reis mee met een gezin dat hun thuis moet verlaten op zoek naar een veilige plek en zie hoe ze onderweg overal vriendelijke en behulpzame mensen tegenkomen. Dit bijzondere telboek biedt een hoopvolle boodschap aan alle kinderen en hun ouders, overal ter wereld.

Steun een onafhankelijke boekhandel bij jou in de buurt of:

Hollis doneert 10% van de auteursroyalties aan Amnesty International UK om mensenrechten, waaronder die van kindvluchtelingen, te steunen.

NL recensies
" A book filled with warmth, togetherness, connection and empathy."
"...[the] story follows along the numbers 1 to 10, a very simple technique that works perfectly here... It is beautiful to see and to read how naturally the new children are welcomed into the class and the football team. Moreover both of these groups are very diverse and colorful."
"Special picture book about helping refugees while learning to count from 1 to 10. In the first spread, a mother and her young children are fleeing a war situation. The reader is succinctly introduced to what is happening but at the same time offered hope and direction."
"The beauty of this book is its simplicity...The [illustrations and text] reinforce each other in their message and get straight to the essence in a charming way...The author is donating 10% of her income from the book to Amnesty International. A small but very important gesture for a hopeful future."
“… This world needs a Counting Book of Kindnesses. The way it is written and illustrated is pure and intense, and it took courage to convey such a difficult subject in a light, appealing and positive way. But it is more than that: by choosing to portray the refugee child’s journey through the lens of help offered along the way, it shows, to children and adults alike, the best we can teach ourselves. In the words of Victor Frankl, psychiatrist and Holocaust survivor: ‘When we are no longer able to change a situation, we are challenged to change our attitude towards it.’ May this book challenge and inspire us to change our attitude, to open our eyes to the kindness around us, and to be kind ourselves.”
“Hollis Kurman's captivating Counting Book of Kindnesses shows how with care, thought and artistic flair, young children can be introduced to important global issues whilst allowing hope to shine through. I can imagine teachers using this book to stimulate meaningful dialogue about child refugees and foster empathy for those who go through such challenging experiences.”