“A gorgeous book that celebrates how simple acts of kindness can uphold the right to safety.”

Hello! A Counting Book of Kindnesses

🇬🇧 UK Edition

Published in the UK by Otter-Barry Books,
2 July 2020.

A highly original 1 to 10 counting book that celebrates diversity and encourages empathy in very young children

Exploring themes of migration, refuge and acceptance, it gently follows a family’s journey to a new home. Along the way, kindness, generosity and sharing are the order of the day!

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10% of author royalties will be donated to Amnesty International UK Section to support human rights including those of child refugees.

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UK Reviews
We decided that sharing our toys and being friends were great ways to be kind to someone new.
“What a gorgeous book! … Although simple in its concept, it is a powerful picture book which will help to educate our young children in conservation, providing practical and realistic ideas for looking after our planet and the wonders it contains.”
"an unusual picture book. It does not appear to have a story, but as the numbers move up the story is there to be supplied by the reader. This is a book to share to open discussion whether in a classroom or home."
"A great way to start a conversation with children about what a refugee is and to explore, with accompanying conversation, how to understand something they may have seen or heard about, equipping them with the skills to develop the empathy that is so desperately needed in these conversations."
"A hopeful picture book about refugees and the kind gestures that give a journey to a new country a happy ending, told by counting to 10: '1 boat...2 hands lifting us to safety.' "
"Not only is this beautiful book informative as to what so many children might be forced to live through and escape from, but it’s a reminder as to how we might respond."
"Very timely book about being kind to others, and instilling in them an unparalleled feeling of joy when you're around...Hollis' wonderful sentiments coupled with Barroux's brilliant illustrations make this one a mini wow for early years."
"This is a good example of a multi- layered text which will be enjoyed and returned to many times. It deserves a place in every Early Years setting alongside others that do the job well about the refugee experience."
"This is a unique and beautiful counting book that introduces little readers to themes of migration, refugees, resilience, and inclusivity, while encouraging empathy, kindness, and acceptance."