“A gorgeous book that celebrates how simple acts of kindness can uphold the right to safety.”
🇺🇸 US edition

Published in the US by Charlesbridge,
September 8 2020.
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A warm and welcoming introduction to immigration, refugees, and inclusivity as children count from one to ten with one boat, two helping hands, and the generosity and kindness of many.

This beautiful counting book captures the joy of finding a home and the power of a welcoming community. From playing to sleeping, eating to reading, celebrating to learning, Counting Kindness proves we can lift the heaviest hearts when we come together. Endorsed by Amnesty International.

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“A contar amabilidad”, here:

Published by Charlesbridge.

10% of author royalties will be donated to Amnesty International UK Section to support human rights including those of child refugees.

Activities - make a welcome box!
Hollis reads Counting Kindness on youtube
Counting Kindness at Solon Library's Digital Storytime
US Reviews
"The children's faces said it all. They were deep in thought as they listened carefully to every word."
"In a complicated world where sides are chosen (...) each small kindness reminds readers of the power of a welcoming community."
"This is wonderful...! ...[T]hank you for making the world brighter and reminding us we are in a global world all together---one where sheltering place is not an option for everyone, and refugees are in special need, whether they are our neighbors or somewhere in their journeys in these difficult times...We can only think of kids and families in refugee camps in Europe or at our own border who have yet to get to the four beds or hearts stage. Thank you for raising consciousness about their dreams and desires... It is an excellent book to have in school libraries, to help kids born here to understand better some of the things their new schoolmates or neighbors have gone through."