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Counting in Green

The next book in the counting series is here!

What can we do when Mother Earth needs our help? Come find out!

‘Counting in Green: Ten Little Ways to Help Our Big Planet’ (Otter-Barry Books), illustrated by Barroux, published 16 March 2023 in the UK, publishing 1st August in the US (see country editions for launch updates). From one to ten we’re counting green…

Available now in the UK at booksellers and Otter-Barry Books.

Illustrations by Barroux

From one new tree and two breezy bicycle wheels to seven beach pick-ups, nine wild flowers and ten friendly neighbors, follow a group of children as they discover how every small action can make a big difference and help to save our Earth.

This positive and simple introduction to the vital need for conservation for young children is illustrated with the simplicity, warmth and charm which Barroux is famous for.

Counting in Green is an inspirational picture book, encouraging young children and their families to push for change and keep our planet safe and secure for all living things.

Illustrations by Barroux


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Credits: illustrator Barroux and UK publisher Otter-Barry Books.


Counting in Green reviews

Early review of Counting in Green

“What a gorgeous book! … Although simple in its concept, it is a powerful picture book which will help to educate our young children in conservation, providing practical and realistic ideas for looking after our planet and the wonders it contains.”

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Country Editions

🇬🇧 UK edition

16 March 2023

🇺🇸 US edition

​August 2023

🇫🇷 FR edition

​17 February 2023

🇪🇸 SP edition (Catalan)

2 March 2023

🇦🇺 🇳🇿 AUS/NZ edition

5 April 2023

🇮🇹 IT edition (TBA)

​Spring 2023